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4 Ways to Make Winter Easier

Heated Stair MatsThe northern hemisphere is entering Autumn today, and that means it’s time to prepare for winter. To this writer, Fall is the most beautiful time of the year; the only drawback is it inevitably leads to winter – resistance is futile. I don’t mean to offend you snow bunnies who can’t wait for the white flakes to fly and the temps to topple.

Living in the Rocky Mountains, I love to ski, but it seems every year I ski less than the year before. Nonetheless, there’s something for everyone with the four seasons, and if you can’t find it, you hire a kitchener mover and travel onward until you do.┬áIn the winter you may be a snow bird, flying to warmer climes, but if you can’t, or it’s just not your thing here are a few ways to make winter more enjoyable.

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