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3 Cool Bicycle Inventions

BicyclingThe US isn’t the leading country for bike enthusiasts, but in a recent survey taken by the US Bicycling Participating Benchmark Report an estimated 103.7 million Americans ride bikes. Riding a bike is simple, unlike drain cleaning Dayton Ohio you can learn to ride a bike in no time at all. Therefore, more people should be open to the idea.

If we counted bike riders throughout the entire world, the number would go through the roof. China and India alone would skyrocket the number into the billions. So, it makes perfectly good sense that there are some great new inventions which have recently entered the marketplace to trick out your ride.

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Is This Hi Tech Dog Training Gadget Worth It?

Dogs1I love new and innovative high tech stuff. I am what is referred to as an early adopter. I can’t lie, this penchant has gotten me into trouble on occasion – ok, many occasions. Nonetheless, when I heard about a new dog training app for my smart phone, I was on it like a dog on a bone. Several years ago, after we sold our local towing company, I managed to have the time available to pursue a passion of mine and become certified as an in-home canine behavioral therapist.

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Leaving Well Enough Alone

Breatheable-Tea-Room-LeadSome people just can’t leave well enough alone. That’s a good thing since ‘well enough’ tends to get boring quickly. David Edwards, an art science, bioengineer and Harvard University professor would surely agree. Edwards is a leading thought pioneer with a commitment to technological advances and design solutions that engage shared artistic and scientific revelation.

In other words; he’s on the cutting edge of an international creativity movement. He is not likely to show up in a limo, but his credentials as an innovator in creativity and culture are first rate.

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4 Ways to Make Winter Easier

Heated Stair MatsThe northern hemisphere is entering Autumn today, and that means it’s time to prepare for winter. To this writer, Fall is the most beautiful time of the year; the only drawback is it inevitably leads to winter – resistance is futile. I don’t mean to offend you snow bunnies who can’t wait for the white flakes to fly and the temps to topple.

Living in the Rocky Mountains, I love to ski, but it seems every year I ski less than the year before. Nonetheless, there’s something for everyone with the four seasons, and if you can’t find it, you hire a kitchener mover and travel onward until you do. In the winter you may be a snow bird, flying to warmer climes, but if you can’t, or it’s just not your thing here are a few ways to make winter more enjoyable.

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