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4 Ways to Make Winter Easier

Heated Stair MatsThe northern hemisphere is entering Autumn today, and that means it’s time to prepare for winter. To this writer, Fall is the most beautiful time of the year; the only drawback is it inevitably leads to winter – resistance is futile. I don’t mean to offend you snow bunnies who can’t wait for the white flakes to fly and the temps to topple.

Living in the Rocky Mountains, I love to ski, but it seems every year I ski less than the year before. Nonetheless, there’s something for everyone with the four seasons, and if you can’t find it, you hire a kitchener mover and travel onward until you do. In the winter you may be a snow bird, flying to warmer climes, but if you can’t, or it’s just not your thing here are a few ways to make winter more enjoyable.

No-Ice Ground Mats
Falling on ice is never a good thing. Carefully shoveled walkways may still be prone to black ice – that invisible trickster that sends your feet into the air without warning. To avoid this you can invest a couple of hundred dollars in heated ground mats. If you don’t want to shovel incessantly, but you want the outdoor stairs and walkways around your home safe, a heated snow mat is an alternative snow removal system.

These are an inexpensive alternative to heating coils which are embedded into the cement. These mats lay on top, and are made of a durable thermoplastic material. Nestled between two layers of the plastic are electrically operated heating elements that warm the surface. It melts snow and ice and prevents accumulation up to 2 inches an hour. The mats are effective and designed to be long-lasting, and of course, safe. An initial investment of $200 to $300 US could save you thousands in the long run.

Heated Windshield Wiper Blades
Heated wiper bladesFor the millions of folks who have to drive in winter storms , it’s vital that clear visibility be maintained under the worst conditions – especially under the worst conditions. Having heated windshield wiper blades keeps the snow and ice from sloshing around on an already compromised viewing field. Sometimes the interior defrost system just isn’t enough, and it can make the car stuffy.

With the addition of heated windshield wipers you cover all the possibilities of preventing poor driving conditions when the weather is stacked against you. For approximately $150 US you can purchase an entire kit that consists of two blades with heated rubber and heated frame along with a wiring harness, fuse and on and off switch. The word is; once you’ve had them you never want to go through another winter without them.

Warm Mouse Pad, Heated Mouse

Are you prone to cold hands in the winter? If your hands are cold, you feel cold all over.
Do you work at a desk all day? Your fellow desk mates must have the same problem, because an innovative entrepreneur invented the heated mouse pad. The pad will warm up to 104 degrees F and hold a steady temperature all day long. If you decide you’ve had enough, simply turn off the heat and it remains a functional pad. To make it an ensemble, you can purchase a heated mouse. heated cat-mousepadFor a mere $17 US this mouse can be yours! It contains an internal heating element that takes the temperature to a comfortable 104 degrees Farneheit. This snuggly holding device gets you where you want to go on the screen while helping to keep your fingers flexible and cozy. Personally I haven’t had the pleasure of using either of these products, but I do suffer from cold hands in the winter so I’m hoping to find one, or maybe both of these in my Christmas stocking this year.

Inside or out, there is no lack of new practical and ingenious gadgets and methods to consider this winter. These are only a few, and there are hundreds. Leave a comment telling me if you’ve used any of these products, and how you felt about them. Let our readers know about a winter must-have that made the top of your list.

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