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Month: October 2015

3 Cool Bicycle Inventions

BicyclingThe US isn’t the leading country for bike enthusiasts, but in a recent survey taken by the US Bicycling Participating Benchmark Report an estimated 103.7 million Americans ride bikes. Riding a bike is simple, unlike drain cleaning Dayton Ohio you can learn to ride a bike in no time at all. Therefore, more people should be open to the idea.

If we counted bike riders throughout the entire world, the number would go through the roof. China and India alone would skyrocket the number into the billions. So, it makes perfectly good sense that there are some great new inventions which have recently entered the marketplace to trick out your ride.

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Is This Hi Tech Dog Training Gadget Worth It?

Dogs1I love new and innovative high tech stuff. I am what is referred to as an early adopter. I can’t lie, this penchant has gotten me into trouble on occasion – ok, many occasions. Nonetheless, when I heard about a new dog training app for my smart phone, I was on it like a dog on a bone. Several years ago, after we sold our local towing company, I managed to have the time available to pursue a passion of mine and become certified as an in-home canine behavioral therapist.

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